Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Bitters of the Month: Spiced Cherry

Woodford Reserve, based in Kentucky, produces a Spiced Cherry Bitters.  It's definitely spicy, similar to the Aztec Chocolate we tried a while back.  In fact, I wonder if the two might work well in combination.  

We tried the Spiced Cherry in a Manhattan.  I was disappointed.  Apart from a tingle on the lips, the spice didn't come through very well.  It was less orangey than Angostura - not necessarily a bad thing but a noticeable difference.


  1. This sounds so wonderful and yet disappointing.
    So hot here and one of my AC is broken that Ice Water is my drink of choice right now.

    1. I wouldn't say the bitters itself was disappointing. Indeed, on its own with gin, it was quite nice.

      I was hoping it would bring more spice to the Manhattan. We also have an Aztec chocolate bitters and I imagined they might work well in concert. But, the Spiced Cherry itself didn't bring enough heat. It's worth further experiments but it might require a lighter-flavored base liquor - vodka, for instance.