Monday, July 26, 2021

Star Wars Comics: Crimson Empire #2-3, X-Wing Rogue Squadron #27, Shadows of the Empire - Evolution #1

Crimson Empire is a strong series so far.  It appeals to me for much the same reason Rogue Squadron does: it offers the perspective of a military grunt, though this one plays for the other side.  Development of the protagonist Carnor Jax is gradual which I also appreciate.

Shadows of the Empire - Evolution is about a droid.  No thanks.

My Recent Reads

Crimson Empire #2
Originally published January 28, 1998
Writers: Mike Richardson and Randy Stradley
Artist: Paul Gulacy
In-Story Timeline: 11 ABY

Crimson Empire #3
February 18, 1998
Richardson and Stradley/Gulacy

X-Wing Rogue Squadron #27: Family Ties, Part 2
February 4, 1998
Michael A. Stackpole/Jim Hall and Drew Johnson

Shadows of the Empire - Evolution #1
February 11, 1998
Steve Perry/Ron Randall


  1. You're way off into stuff that, not only did I not read, I don't even own, at this point.
    You need to check out Bad Batch.

    1. Oh yes, I know. And I will get to it... eventually.