Monday, October 11, 2021

Marvel Unlimited: Silver Surfer #36-38; Kraven's Last Hunt, Parts 1-3

The Thanos story ends and the Kraven story begins.

The Surfer triumphs over Thanos.  Sort of.  He believes so anyway.  I think I read The Thanos Quest and Rebirth of Thanos in reverse order but oh well.

As for Kraven's Last Hunt, it's great to get back to the Spidey-verse though I have yet to decide how I feel about this particular story.  For starters, the arc goes across titles, a modern comic book convention which I do not like - unnecessarily crass commercialism.  It also, at least to this point, hasn't involved Peter Parker a whole lot.  PP's world is the whole reason I care about Spidey.

Kraven the Hunter "kills" Peter Parker and takes on the Venom suit for himself, becoming in effect a more murderous Spider-Man.  Meanwhile, Vermin lurks in the sewers, kidnapping pedestrians off the city streets and eating them.  The paths of the two are on an inevitable intercept course.

Fortunately, there is some of Parker's world.  Mary Jane, Peter's new wife, is understandably worried about her missing husband.  When she encounters Spidey, she realizes instantly that it's not Peter inside the suit.

As always with Spider-Man, I am aware of how much I've missed since the last time I spent meaningful time with the character.  Might have to backtrack someday.

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Originally published April 1990
Writer: Jim Starlin
Artist: Ron Lim

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May 1990

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June 1990

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October 1987
J.M. DeMatteis/Mike Zeck

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  1. I loved Kraven's Last Hunt. Kraven was possibly my earliest favorite villains, from when I was maybe four? It's remember that for sure. And this was one of the first cross-title stories of this nature, if I remember correctly. Not like an even that appeared in a bunch of other comics, but one story that took up every issue of that character's comic books. Maybe X-Men did it first, I don't remember that either. At any rate, not as bad as when Superman made that the norm and you couldn't follow just one title.
    Anyway... straying...
    I thought it was a great story, one of those true "holy shit" moments back when it came out.

    1. I like it more now that I've gotten to Part 4. Peter's back.