Monday, October 4, 2021

Marvel Unlimited: The Thanos Quest #1-2, Silver Surfer #34-35

The Silver Surfer arc Rebirth of Thanos and the graphic novel series The Thanos Quest provide the basis for the Infinity War arc in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Both were written by Jim Starlin and drawn by Ron Lim.  Lim's artwork is the highlight, both lush and surreal in the Ditko/Starlin tradition.

Thanos, originally an Iron Man character and especially important to the Captain Marvel story, pairs well with the Silver Surfer.  They see the same problems with the world/universe but imagine vastly different remedies.

Unfortunately, I don't especially care for the character Thanos and I believe I've figured out why.  He doesn't struggle much.  There's a Tasks of Hercules quality to his quest for the Infinity Gems but no one stands a chance in resisting him.  Even the Surfer is more annoyance than challenge.  I suppose that's what makes him a meaningful adversary for the Avengers but as protagonist to his own story, I don't find him compelling.

That's not to say the story isn't interesting.  It is, but more for the idea of Thanos than the character himself.

My Recent Reads

The Thanos Quest #1
Originally published September 1990
Writer: Jim Starlin
Artist: Ron Lim

The Thanos Quest #2
October 1990

Silver Surfer #34
February 1990

Silver Surfer #35
March 1990

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  1. I don't remember much liking Thanos Quest. I have it, but... meh.
    My biggest issue with the Thanos was always his love for the Death persona. I get it on a metaphysical level, but it doesn't really work as an actual story-telling device. Not the way they portrayed Death, at any rate. I'm glad they changed that in the movies.