Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Squid Mixes: Army & Navy

The Army & Navy combines gin, lemon juice, orgeat syrup and bitters.  I got my recipe from the Cocktail Party app, which offers a choice of aromatic, peach, lemon, chocolate or cherry bitters.  I went with lemon, my Bitters of the Month for January.  It is a gin sour variant dating back to at least 1948.  Connection with either service branch or even the football game is unclear.

It's a tasty little drink.  The bitters enhances the lemon flavor and the always pleasing combination of that flavor with almond (though I still prefer lime).  It might be interesting to try some day with other bitters.

And following up on last week's post, it is cold season, therefore a great opportunity to play around with hot toddies.  As with the Army & Navy, the bitters enhanced the lemon very nicely.


  1. I've often wondered about the names of drinks and sad to learn we don't know about this name... It's been cold lately and I have been avoiding my usual bourbon or scotch on the rocks for hot butter rums.

    1. A football game seems to be the reigning theory of the name origin but no one's really sure...

      Keep warm, Rev!

  2. I could almost make that. I'm really low on gin. Maybe I have enough for one.