Monday, May 2, 2022

Bitters of the Month: Jamaican No. 1

Bittercube Slow Crafted Bitters hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The bottle for their Jamaican No. 1 formula boasts a "robust" flavor profile of allspice, ginger and black pepper.  Cloves (from the allspice) are the most forward for me, reminiscent of the occasional, inadvisable clove cigarettes of my youth.  The pepper is also prominent, though not as strong as in Arcana Botanica's Brimstone Bitters.  It's recommended for "tropical" drinks so we might be playing with Mai Tais soon.


  1. I don't have a comment about this one, I guess.
    I have this drink I make with peach liqueur and, digging around recently, I found this bottle of "fire" bitters. Or something. (I'm not going to get the bottle right now.) I added some to my peach drink last night, and it was really good. Just a touch of... bite? I'm not sure what word I would use. I'll have to try it again tonight. :P