Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Squid Mixes: Cider Battles III

Our D-Day Swizzle exploration continues with a throwdown between two Woodchuck Cider products: 

Rosé vs. Amber  

The Rosé is our reigning sipping champion.  The Amber is the company's original offering, first launched in 1991.  We tried them in the swizzles first.  The Rosé is the sweeter of the two which, for whatever reason, worked better this time.  We're still looking for a more appley flavor.

Winner, Swizzle Mixer Category: Rosé

Sipping them, my wife felt the Amber didn't really have much flavor at all.  I found it more tart than the Rosé.

Winner and Still Champion, Sipping Cider Category: Rosé

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