Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Squid Eats: Bramble

Bramble is another new restaurant in The Essex Experience (explained here).  Pizza, baked in a brick oven behind the bar, makes up the heart of the menu but Bramble offers many other gourmet treats: oysters, bone marrow, duck, caviar in addition to more predictable entrees like steak and fish.  The just opened this spring and we've already been several times.  It's one of those places where I am eager to try something new every time we're there, a desire they accommodate well with frequent changes to the menu.

My wife and I went just the two of us for our most recent visit.  We started with the aforementioned oysters, basically an obligatory order for us at any restaurant where they're on the menu.  We had the bone marrow, too, earning the compliments of our waitress for our sophisticated order.  Our pizza was the Motto-Guzzi, pictured above.  Take away one of the T's and you have the name of a famous Italian motorcycle make, apparently.  I won't pretend to know such things without a Google consultation - not a gear head.  

Everything we've ever ordered has been good.  We've always gotten dessert in the past though we didn't that evening - too full.  Beer, wine and cocktail menus are all good.  Service is both knowledgeable and exceedingly friendly.  I am confident we'll be back frequently.


  1. Bone marrow? I've never seen that on a menu.
    Nor wanted to suck it out of life.