Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Squid Mixes: Cider Battles IV, Bring on the Pears

An exploration of ciders inevitably leads beyond apples to the world of pears.  As a table fruit, I've never been a huge fan of pears - too mealy.  But as an ingredient in things - tarts for example - pears are lovely.  Texture certainly isn't a problem in liquid form so there's no reason a pear cider couldn't hold its own in my arena...

Rosé vs. Pearsecco

Two Woodchuck Cider products go head to head.  Pearsecco is actually one of two pear ciders in Woodchuck's line.  The other is simply called "Pear."

It was a clear choice for both of us.  Pearsecco is drier, yet also, more fruity.  There's more added sugar in the Rosé so the Pearsecco actually tastes more like a pear than the Rosé does like an apple.  So...

Winner and New Champion, Sipping Cider Category: Woodchuck Pearsecco

If we try the Pearsecco in the D-Day Swizzle, I think I get to call the drink something new.  The David Lebovitz recipe clearly specifies apple cider, not pear.


  1. A good pear is really good; however...
    I haven't had any pear cider in a long time. Now I want one.

    1. Fair. I also realize pear is a much broader category of fruit than most people realize. I have, indeed, eaten some very nice pears.

  2. I never tried pear cider, but I do enjoy a good pear. Yeah, they're mealy, but a sweet pear that sends juice down my beard is a delight. I also love pear preserves.

    1. Mmm, that juicy thing. That's how I feel about peaches and plums.