Friday, August 26, 2022

Star Trek: Birthright, Part II

Episode: "Birthright, Part II"
Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Season 6, Episode 17
Original Air Date: March 1, 1993

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Whereas last week's "Part I" included an A Worf story and a B Data tale, "Part II" is all Worf.  "Part I" ended with Worf finding the Romulan prison camp where he'd been told his father was being held only to find that Mogh was indeed long dead.  What's more, the Klingons who have been held in the camp for decades have no interest in leaving.  As the curtain falls on Act 1, Worf is taken prisoner himself.

As we join the story this week, Worf learns that the Klingons in the camp made a decision long ago to remain rather than return to Qo'noS and face the disgrace of having been taken prisoner.  They have built a new life for themselves with the Romulans who had been their jailers, inter-marrying, raising children and living in peace.  Worf's arrival threatens their tranquility when he teaches the second generation Klingons about their heritage.  Complicating matters even further, he falls in love.  

Last week, I said I preferred the Data story and for "Part I," that's still true.  But I'm firmly back on Team Worf with "Part II."  Worf's Klingon adventures comprise one of the best threads running through NextGen and "Birthright" highlights many of the reasons why.  Learning tolerance is always at the heart of Star Trek and no TNG character has to confront his own prejudices the way Worf does.  Our man says and does regrettable things in this adventure and they are 100% credible given the character and the context.  He is the closest to morally ambiguous among the principals and that is a big part of why his stories are always so compelling.

Also in "Birthright"'s favor: it's a good Worf story without Alexander.

Acting Notes

Cristine Rose played the role of Gi'ral, one of the captive Klingons and mother of Ba'el, the love interest.  Rose was born January 31, 1951 in Lynwood, California.  She graduated from Stanford.  Most of her high-profile work has been in television.  She has had recurring roles on Heroes, Picket Fences, Grace Under Fire, Providence, Ellen and Charmed.  On Heroes, she eventually became principal cast as Angela Petrelli.


  1. I really liked this episode because it makes one think. Worf is so into his warrior thinking that it makes it hard for him to fully understand his fellow Klingons. Thankfully, no little kid

    1. It's also an important reminder for the franchise as a whole that not all Klingons are, in fact, warriors. The society has more nuance than we're usually led to believe.