Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Squid Eats: Moshi Moshi

Moshi Moshi is how one answers the telephone in Japan.  It's also the name of a sushi restaurant in Northampton, Massachusetts.  We recently went for lunch.

Moshi Moshi occupies a tiny space on a street corner by the railroad bridge, barely room on the ground floor for a short bar and a single table - there's upstairs seating, too, fortunately.  Service was friendly and quite attentive - hard not to be in such a small space.  

Most importantly, the food is good.  

That's a California roll, avocado roll, tuna roll, salmon roll and unagi (eel).

Apparently, Moshi Moshi was a favorite of children's literature titan Eric Carle, a longtime Northampton resident:


  1. There is no place around here for sushi, but when I go back to where I grew up, in Wilmington, there are a number of such places. I often go with my father (who worked in Japan for 4 years) to eat in one of them when I'm visiting. This looks good.

    1. Any coastal city worth its salt should have decent sushi on offer. I'm glad to hear Wilmington comes through.

  2. We live on Pacific side, and can get some darn good sushi now and then. Going down from La Jolla to San Diego can show some good fish.