Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Squid Mixes: Fresh Hanky

A Fresh Hanky is my own variation on David Lebovitz's Suzy's Hanky (in turn, Lebovitz's variation on a Hanky Panky), swapping out the sweet vermouth for dry, necessitated by the fact that I had run out of sweet.  Though, to be honest, once one hits a flavor note - bitterness in this case - pursuing that note to the extreme is always an intriguing adventure. 

I initially suggested Dry Hanky as the name but my tasters (wife and English Prof) were unimpressed.  I decided Fresh Hanky is more appealing - evoking clean linens still warm from the dryer.  Tasters approved.  The drink itself was a hit, too.

My Fresh Hanky recipe:

1.5 oz London dry gin
1 oz dry vermouth
.5 oz Suze
.5 oz Grand Marnier
Orange twist

Stir all but orange with ice to chill.  Strain into a serving glass.  Garnish with the orange twist.

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