Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Squid Mixes: Suzy's Hanky

Suzy's Hanky is David Lebovitz's variation on a Hanky Panky.  He takes out the Frenet-Branca and adds Suze and Grand Marnier (or Cointreau or triple sec).  Lebovitz published his recipe in Drinking French.

Suze is the star here.  It's a gentian liqueur, providing a bitter flavor with citrus notes.  The intense bitterness is reminiscent of Campari, yet somehow lighter.  Both my wife and English Prof were impressed with the cocktail.


  1. This looks good, but then anything with Grand Mariner is good. Do you have any recipes for bourbon infused with pecans? There was a restaurant in Savannah that had such a drink and it was good. I have tried but haven't been successful at recreating it.

    1. I can't eat pecans so I haven't tried that but it sounds worth the effort.