Monday, September 28, 2009

All Part of My Fantasy: Mork Calling Orson

Score for the week: Orson Welles 66.87, Squid 56.34
My MVP: Derrick Mason (WR, Baltimore) with 5 receptions, 118 yards and 1 touchdown
Melodrama: Vernon Davis (TE, San Francisco) had a monster game with 7 receptions, 96 yards and 2 touchdowns. Why is this melodramatic? Because I had him sitting on the bench. That's 15.84 points in our league and I couldn't use them.

I cooked up a trade with the Commish to resolve my quarterback fiasco. I gave up more than I wanted but in the end, I had Philip Rivers - not too bad. Unfortunately, I'm now looking at an 0-3 record. What burns me is that I've racked up more points than some of the teams who are enjoying 2-1 records. I would have beaten two of the teams who won this week with the points I had. The schedule has not been my friend.

Can't help wondering what a fantasy league might look like in a completely different arena: Fantasy Symphony, for instance.

"I've got problems, man. My 2nd chair french horn (Vienna) is out with the flu and I don't think I can make up the points with my weak viola section. I guess I could pick up that bassoonist on waivers who's playing at Carnegie on Saturday."

Or Fantasy Congress (one that passes good laws in a timely manner - yuk, yuk):

3 points for voting YES on a bill that passes
5 points for writing the bill
2 points for appearing on
Meet the Press
4 for appearing on
-10 for an indictment
and so on...

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