Saturday, September 5, 2009

US Open Day 6: A Creamsicle Has His Day

Curtain Call
Player: Jesse Witten
Nation: USA
Age: 26
Current Ranking: #276
Notable Conquest: Igor Andreev (Russia), 29th seed
Tour Page:
Today's Match: loss to Novak Djokovic (Serbia) in four sets

Jesse Witten is the man! I love this guy. Sign me up for the fan club. He looks like a guy who just got up off the couch and picked up a racquet - certainly more at home on a football field than a tennis court. But here he is, just having played the tournament of his life. He'd never won an ATP-level match before this week and nearly walked away from the sport earlier this year. And make no mistake, he made the Djoker earn it today. Hats off!

I feel we must discuss Djokovic's shirt today. Now, full disclosure, I am never a big fan of orange. I feel it is the one color that looks terrible on just about everyone. But he really looked like a Creamsicle. The streaks of red could potentially suggest something a bit more dignified: a nectarine, perhaps. But they also made him look like he was bleeding. Complete disaster in my book. I know these folks get paid ridiculous amounts to wear whatever their sponsor tells them to wear so I'm sure Novak's crying all the way to the bank but I'd be on the phone begging for something else.

Gotta get ready for the gaggle of girls coming for my daughter's birthday party. Tennis will have to wait until later.

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