Saturday, September 12, 2009

US Open Day 13: A Mac-Specific Mute Button, Please

Curtain Call
Player: Yanina Wickmayer
Nation: Belgium
Age: 19
Current Ranking: #50
Notable Conquest: Virginie Razzano (France), 16th seed
Tour Page:,,12781~11787,00.html
Today's Match: loss to Caroline Wozniacki (Denmark) in straight sets

Wickmayer had never even made it past the 2nd round of a Slam before. She goes home $350,000 richer and her ranking will improve substantially. She's only 19. The future looks bright.

The end of the Clijsters/Williams match was tough to watch, no doubt. I do think it's a shame but I don't feel badly for Serena. And frankly, John McEnroe should not be allowed near a microphone in that situation given his history. To say that a foot fault should not be called because of the late stage of the match is absolutely ludicrous. I watched the replays and I'm not sure the call was right but the call was made. Good call or not, Serena's reaction was completely inexcusable. I see no gray area here. Not only do I think she deserved to lose the point but I think a fine and a public apology are in order as well.

That's two posts in a row in which I've slammed McEnroe. I'll be fine once I get that selective mute button on the remote.

On a brighter note, you've gotta love Nadal. He knows he's gotta beat the rain and he really wants to be done so he can rest before tomorrow. And so, he takes all of 34 minutes today to breeze through a tiebreak and a 6-0 third set to dispatch of Gonzo. I could write extensively comparing the competitive attitudes of Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray but the last couple of rounds have demonstrated the contrast perfectly. When Nadal decides he's had enough, he blows the other guy off the court. When Murray decides he's had enough, he rolls over. Fortunately, del Potro finally looks like he's ready for a good fight. Both semis should be great fun.

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