Monday, September 14, 2009

US Open Day 15: A New Story Begins

Curtain Call
Player: Juan Martin del Potro
Nation: Argentina
Age: 20
Current Ranking: #6
Notable Conquests: Rafael Nadal (Spain), 3rd seed and Roger Federer (Switzerland), 1st seed
Tour Page:
Player Website:
Today's Match: win over Roger Federer (Switzerland) in five sets

What a player! That forehand is just about the scariest shot I've ever seen in tennis. And he could hardly have been more gracious. And how great was it to see Federer looking so at peace even in defeat? His life has changed. Losing is no longer such a disaster. Was this a passing of the torch?

I think it's safe to say that del Potro will win more Slams. Most players have about a year-long hangover after winning their first so we probably shouldn't expect too much too soon. But this guy's the real thing. Let's just hope he can keep his head together. I was most amused yesterday to listen to the McEnroes while JMDP was dismantling Rafa. It was as if they'd never seen him play before. His performance was a revelation for them, too.

Federer's certainly not finished - not by any stretch. I think he still goes into Melbourne in January as the man to beat. One streak is over. There is finally another men's champion at the US Open. But another streak is alive and well. In the past 22 Slams, he has either won the whole thing or lost to the guy who did. Astonishing!

Alas, the major challenge for me today was being able to watch the match at all. The local CBS station here in northwest Vermont apparently didn't think interrupting their normally scheduled programming was a good idea. I tried to watch online but that was highly unsatisfying. They finally cut into live coverage at 8 p.m. so I got to watch the glorious end. Blame it on the rain!

What an amazing tournament it has been. I hope those of you who have read my humble musings have enjoyed them. I will, no doubt, write more about tennis in the future but other topics may creep in as well. Peace.

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