Friday, March 26, 2010

March Madness: Bulldogs Come Through for Me

My Brackets

Work Pool: 56 points
Mock's Pool: 50
Control Group: 50
Fairy Tale: 18 and kaput

I also now have two second chance brackets, which involve picks only from the Sweet 16 and beyond. One is in a group with Marc, the other is a fairy tale bracket based entirely on my rooting interests.

Marc's Pool: 3 points
Fairy Tale: 1

I was exhausted last night and went to bed at 9. I was up long enough, however, to see Butler finish off Syracuse. I called that game in the work pool and was thus extremely gratified. Tonight's Duke/Purdue game is a win/win for me, or a lose/lose depending on how you look at it. If Duke wins, it's great for me in the work pool but it kills my chances to finish in the top 3 in Mock's pool.


  1. The best I can finish in the original "Mock" pool is 6th. At least, according to my stunted math and limited time to determine the possible outcomes.

    I'm holding out hope that Kansas some how makes it back into the tournament to give me a fighting chance!

  2. Sorry I missed the second chance pool...bring on the beisbol!