Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness: Kansas, Kansas St., Kentucky, Purdue

Kansas, Kansas St., Kentucky, Purdue. That's my Final Four pick for the yahoo pool with Mock and Marc, a group which has grown to 17. Kansas over Kentucky in the final.

I know, Purdue? That was my pick right off the bat and then I learned of all the reasons why they're likely to lose in the first round. But I hate giving up on my gut instinct and picking any of the top 3 seeds in the South Region just didn't feel right for me. I've struggled with this all week. If I'm right, I look like a genius. If I'm wrong, I might be saved by the fact that I'm in a pool with a bunch of Vermonters, many of whom might take a chance and pick Vermont over Syracuse.

When the opportunity to join a work pool also came up, I altered my South Region, and a few other picks here and there. My pick in this one is more conventional. Final Four: Kansas, Kansas St., Kentucky, Duke. Kansas over Kentucky in the final.

I decided to take advantage of the fact that yahoo allows for five brackets in total and create three more just for fun. I have a control group in which I went entirely by seeding. This way I can see how all my various tinkering compares with just playing it safe. Final Four: Kansas, Syracuse, Kentucky, Duke. Kansas over Kentucky in the final (three for three so far, though I'll hardly be the only one).

I also have what I've termed an out of control bracket in which I go completely anti-seed. This way, I'm covered in the first round either way and if a 13-16 seed makes it to the Sweet 16, I can say I called it. Final Four: Lehigh, Vermont, East Tennessee St., Arkansas-Pine Bluff. Arkansas-Pine Bluff over Vermont in the final.

Finally, I have my fairy tale bracket, in which all picks are based entirely on my rooting interest. Final Four: Georgetown, Vermont, Morgan St., Notre Dame. Georgetown over Notre Dame in the final.

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