Monday, July 2, 2012

Wimbledon Day 7: Giorgi

Curtain Call

Player: Camila Giorgi
Age: 20
Nation: Italy
Current Ranking: 145
Notable Conquests: Flavia Pennetta (Italy, 16th seed) and Nadia Petrova (Russia, 20th)
Today's Result: loss to Agnieszka Radwanska (Poland, 3rd) in straight sets

Photo via Z Czuba

If you missed Giorgi at Wimbledon, you missed a treat.  This young qualifier is the real deal and sure to be back.  If you can hit your ground strokes hard, low and deep into the corners off of both wings, you can win Wimbledon.  That's not to say she will but Giorgi certainly has the necessary weaponry.  Add to that a rock solid composure and we may well have a future star on our hands. I'd say the first order of business will be to work on the second serve.  Match experience will help more than anything, though, and her fourth round run should boost her ranking enough that she won't have to go through qualifying for a while.

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