Saturday, December 1, 2012

I'm with the Band: Kansas State

Band: Kansas State University Marching Band
University: Kansas State University
Founded: 1887
Current Director: Dr. Frank Tracz
Fight Song: "Wildcat Victory"
Today's Home Game: Texas, 7 p.m.
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A promotional video:

This clip is from a rehearsal, but very nicely shot:

A very thorough pre-game:


  1. You were smart to keep yourself to yourself on this blog.

    1. It definitely has it's advantages. It's easier to maintain it as an escape from the rest of my life.

      Um, is it not some unholy hour where you are? What are you doing up so early on a Saturday morning?

    2. Haha, yes. It was quite early, 4:30 my time. :) At certain times of the month, I wake up at unholy hours. Last night was particularly wonderful on the heels of that communication from the agent. Plenty of pacing before firing up the old laptop and then reading a couple of other people's blog posts. One that made me tear up it was so perfect and beautiful and vulnerable and articulate and then, this one. :)

    3. Certain times of the month... There was a full moon the other night. Do you get moon shadows in New Mexico? Are you far enough from city lights that you ever get to see them? They're my favorite part of winter here.

    4. B, it is in response to the moon! The light is so bright coming in through the blinds it's blue. I can walk through the whole house (not a very big house but big enough to move about in like a ruminating ghost) without flipping a single switch. It's incredible.

      What are moon shadows?

    5. Simply shadows cast by the moon. They are best appreciated with a full moon on virgin snow. Having spent all of my life previous in cities/suburbs, I never saw them, or at least not in full glory, until I moved to Vermont. They are breathtaking - whole new meaning to the song!

    6. It's nice when something gives a 'whole new meaning' to a song.


      One of my all-time favorites, by the world's most under-appreciated songwriter.

    8. :)

    9. I'll happily play this game all day long, my friend!

  2. That was very pretty, Squidman.

    I see your
    and raise you + a story.

    When I was 13, I visited Alaska and the Yukon. It was then that I heard a woman who owned a team of dogs say one of the greatest joys of her life was dog sledding under the auroras and seeing their play of light on the snow at high speeds.

    Still on my bucket list some 35 years later ...

    1. Ha. I meant 25. Just aged myself ten extra years.

    2. Aha! You have learned my weaknesses: The Beatles AND Sarah.

      Happy holidays:

      Alaska to see the auroras - I could definitely go for that, too.

    3. B, I love the Bee-uls. (That was my wonky attempt at a written British accent. Bad.)

      Here is my favorite rendition:

      and here's a little Pool decked out for the holidays (is two links cheating?)


      Good night.