Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Football Fantasy: Morgan Burnett

College League: lost, 84.57-80.32 (6-7 overall, 10th place out of 12 teams)
Vermont League: lost, 74.22-70.70 (6-7, 8th out of 12)
My Player of the Week: Morgan Burnett (Safety, Packers) with 6 solo tackles, 1 assisted tackle, 2 interceptions and 3 passes defended
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It was a rough week in both leagues.  In both cases, I lost close matchups when a win would have put me in the playoffs.  In both, it came down to the Monday night game.  In the college league, I had RG3 (QB, Redskins) on my side, in the Vermont league he was against me.  He did well enough to beat me in the one, not well enough for me to win in the other.  Bottom line: ouch.

On the bright side, it's great to see DC so jazzed about its football team again.  RG3 is the Skins' most exciting player since...well...ever.  I love option football and it's great to see my own NFL team playing it.  Clearly, Washington needs a pass rush and also some quality offensive tackles to keep their young stud from getting killed.  But at long last, the future looks very bright.

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