Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Star Trek: The Lorelei Signal

My friends and I are embarking on a new journey to watch all 22 episodes of Star Trek's animated series.  We'll be posting on Wednesdays.  All are welcome to join us for all or parts of our adventure.

Episode: "The Lorelei Signal"
Series: Star Trek: The Animated Series
Season 1, Episode 4
Original Air Date: September 29, 1973
via Memory Beta
"The Lorelei Signal" is a siren song story.  The men of the Enterprise are drawn to a remote planet in the Taurean system by mysterious music.  The planet's beautiful woman inhabitants want to rob them of their vitality.  Fortunately, the women of the Enterpirse are unaffected and spring into action.

My favorite part of the episode is a simple shot of the ship flying past the planet as Scotty sings Welsh ballads from the captain's chair.  With each passing week, it becomes more clear that The Animated Series was James Doohan's opportunity to shine.

In a more challenging part of the story, our heroes use the transporter to revert back to their younger selves after their adventures leave them prematurely aged.  One wonders why people don't use the technology in this way more often.  The transporter could be the fountain of youth humanity has sought for countless generations.  In fact, the TNG episode "Rascals" incorporates the transporter in a similar way.

via Memory Alpha
Theela is the Head Female of the Taureans.  "The Lorelei Signal" marks her only appearance in the Star Trek universe.  She is voiced by Majel Barrett.  By the time TAS came along, Barrett was married to producer Gene Roddenberry.  Her voice is an important one in the franchise.  She performs the voice of most onboard computers from The Original Series through Voyager

If you would care to join us for all or part of our travels, please add your link to the list below.  In the meantime, please visit the others who are participating.  Next week: "More Tribbles, More Tribbles."


  1. I often wonder about the people who speak for the ship's computers. I don't remember this episode but I'm glad the women had the chance to be the heroes and rescue the men.

    1. There is something very cool about seeing Uhura take charge.

  2. Oh men!:) They sing and you all turn to jello. If they made a mean roast, they would have been gone for sure:) I don't remember this episode at all but it would be neat to see the women save the day and if Uhura shone this time

  3. I wonder who does the voices on the "Press 1 if you...Press 2 if..."?

  4. "Typical women! Sucking the life out of guys!" said the typical misogynistic jerk. Not me of course. My review will be up Friday, but you always have such interesting trivia!

  5. Jimmy Doohan does a great job voicing characters in TAS. Understandably Uhura takes control when Scotty starts singing welsh ballads.

    1. Definitely a sign he was losing his grip. Still, a great scene.

  6. Sorry I'm late. Catching up. On phone with one of my San Francisco boys and he asked if I ever watched TAS --said it's superior to anything J.J. Abrams churned out & other members of his household don't like stories about explosions. So I just watched this episode and found it delightful. Imagine women who are eternal prisoners of their own superior construction while the planet drains men of life-force. Very '70s. Also very imaginative and engaging, though I found drowning in a Grecian urn a bit over-Keatsian. In all, a great bit of fun.