Friday, November 16, 2018

A Window Above: Sure Shot

Song: "Sure Shot"
Writers: Beastie Boys, DJ Hurricane, Mario Caldato, Jr., Jeremy Steig
Original Release: May 31, 1994
Band: Beastie Boys
Album: III Communication

My affection for this song is due entirely to the following video, a masterpiece of editing if nothing else.  Apologies for the language.  Don't let it distract from the awesome.

Sesame Street vs Beastie Boys - Sure Shot mashup (whole song) from Chester Fielder on Vimeo.

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Enjoy: A Window Above

What are you listening to these days?


  1. Love love love this !
    Perfect that Oscar is the fabulous one in this. He was made for this song.
    Great post Thank You.

    cheers, parsnip and badger

    1. It is truly beautiful, and so clearly a labor of love for both the show and the music. Someone invested A LOT of time on that video and it is darn near perfect.

      I like that Grover gets so much love, too. If I have a favorite SS Muppet, it's Grover.

  2. Love this. I forgot how much I like the Beastie Boys. And the Sesame Street gang! Grover is pretty awesome :)

    1. Historically, the Beastie Boys are important. For all of the wrong reasons, they are the Elvis of hip-hop.