Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Squid Eats: Pizza 44

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via Pizza 44
Pizza 44 is a wood fired pizza joint in Burlington.  It's conveniently located for us as it's right by my wife's work so it's a great place for a quick bite and good beer if we're meeting downtown anyway.   The pizza's lovely: fresh ingredients in interesting combinations.  Sometimes circular, sometimes square, just to keep you on your toes.  On this latest visit, we had a local greens salad to start, then a Classic Margherita (circular) and an Angry Grandpa (square).  The latter included hot peppers, pepperoni and meat sauce.  Both were excellent.  A bit salty but nice.  Did I mention the outstanding beer list?  Definitely helps to wash it down.

We were in town for a concert, one of the Vermont Symphony's Jukebox series featuring its string quartet.  On the docket for the evening were several rock music arrangements and other rock-inspired pieces.  My favorites among the covers were Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" (arr. Vitamin String Quartet) and the Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black" (arr. John Reed).  Among the originals, I thoroughly enjoyed "Black Run," a solo piece composed by Norwegian cellist Svante Henryson.  Imagine virtuosic bluegrass cello and you'll just about have it.  "Black Run" is the first of three movements in a larger work entitled Colors in D.  Here is the composer himself performing the piece:

"Kashmir" - Vitamin String Quartet

"Paint It Black" - The Hampton String Quartet

The Jukebox series has been a fine supplement to our symphony subscription.  I love small ensembles, so much more intimate than a big orchestra.  The tickets are relatively cheap and the performances are at a hip restaurant/music venue, ArtsRiot, rather than a big concert hall.  Each concert is thoughtfully programmed with a wide variety of music, much of it fairly modern yet also accessible.  The audience is much younger than what we see at the symphony, too - great way to build the audience of the future.  I'd love it if they did more of these sorts of things.  Strings are great but how about brass or woodwind?  A wind quintet would be especially appealing for our clarinetist daughter.

Happy, Healthy Squid

As noted in this post, I'm working on amping up my breakfasts as a means of finding better food balance in my day.  For years, it's been cinnamon raisin toast and coffee - pretty light.  Recently I've added yogurt and granola bars.  I'm actually full after breakfast.  What a concept!  I'm still hungry by lunchtime.  It's a crazy busy morning every day at work.  Maybe I need to carve out time for a quick snack somewhere.

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  1. I don't know if you want breakfast advice, but I have some if you're interested. I don't want to sound preachy or anything, especially since a lot of diet stuff really depends on the person. However, I do know things that helped me, so let me know.

  2. Oh, and great picture!
    I want to go to there.

  3. pizza is one of favorites....we have Pizza Hut at neighborhood...yummy

  4. Awwww now your teasing and thats not fair! Pizza and beer, yum one of my favorites. Maybe if I talk to the trees...

  5. Oh! I just got homesick! That last pic did me in... the videos captivated me and took me away to places that were NICE!!!

    1. Thank you! And thanks for following.

      New England is an amazing place this time of year. We're already past peak, though. Stick season awaits...

  6. Pizza 44 sounds good and so does the show. Love the sound of the cello.

    Lovely fall photo! I just love this time of year. So beautiful.

    1. Are you at peak yet? I would assume CT runs a week or so behind VT but I don't really know.