Monday, August 30, 2021

Marvel Unlimited: Squadron Supreme #1-5, Captain America #314

The Squadron Supreme made their first appearance in 1971 in The Avengers #85.  A superhero group from an alternate dimension, they were created as a parody of DC's Justice League.  In 1985, Marvel launched a limited series about the team.  

The stories address interesting questions about the roles and responsibilities of superheroes in the world at large.  While this, in itself, was not new ground for Marvel, Squadron Supreme took the questions further than most.  What would happen if such beings, even benevolent ones, were granted absolute power to shape society as they see fit?  What would be the challenges and pitfalls?  Indeed, what threats could the team's members present to each other along the way?

The lineup, along with their JLA equivalents:

Hyperion = Superman
Nighthawk = Batman
Power Princess = Wonder Woman
Whizzer = Flash
Doctor Spectrum = Green Lantern
Amphibian = Aquaman
Golden Archer = Green Arrow
Lady Lark = Black Canary
Tom Thumb = Atom
Blue Eagle = Hawkman
Arcanna = Zatanna
Nuke = Firestorm

My Recent Reads

Squadron Supreme #1
Originally published September 1985
Writer: Mark Gruenwald
Artist: Bob Hall

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Squadron Supreme #2
October 1985

Squadron Supreme #3
November 1985

Squadron Supreme #4
December 1985

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Squadron Supreme #5
January 1986

Captain America #314
February 1986
Gruenwald/Paul Neary


  1. Is this your first exposure to Mark Gruenwald?

  2. I have that series. Read when it came out, month by painful month.

  3. Oh, no, I had to wait a month for each issue. Similar to reading Secret Wars the first time.