Monday, August 2, 2021

Star Wars Comics: X-Wing Rogue Squadron #28-29, Crimson Empire #4

Original Star Warriors - Leia, Han and Chewie - have joined the X-Wing series and Rogue Squadron has turned up in Crimson Empire, albeit seven years later in the timeline.  I like it when the various stories intersect.

X-Wing, while definitely my favorite of the Dark Horse Star Wars series so far, does have one flaw: too many characters.  More to the point, too many of the Rogue Squadron members are human and look too much alike so it's hard to tell them apart.  It's also becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of all the various narrative threads, especially with characters from previous arcs being brought back.  I think I've got everything straight at the moment but it's tempting to make a chart.

My Recent Reads

X-Wing Rogue Squadron #28
Originally published March 4, 1998
Writer: David A. Stackpole
Artist: Drew Johnson
In-Story Timeline: 4 ABY

X-Wing Rogue Squadron #29
April 1, 1998

Crimson Empire #4
March 18, 1998
Mike Richardson and Randy Stradley/Paul Gulacy
11 ABY


  1. Sounds like you found the X-Men equivalent in Star Wars.
    That was way past my time of reading comics.

    1. I have thought the same re: the X-Men comparison.