Monday, November 15, 2021

Marvel Unlimited: Marvel Comics Presents #79-84, Marvels #0

I have reached the end of Weapon X.  For me, it's good but not great.  The Wolverine origin story is appreciated and the ending is gruesome yet satisfying.  Actually, that describe the artwork pretty well, too: gruesome yet satisfying.  However, I don't think it would be a meaningful story if one did not already know the Logan/Wolverine character.

Next up is Marvels, a retelling of key moments in the Marvel universe history from an everyman perspective.  I love a painted comic book as well as the pulp-novel style such works tend to employ.  I have reflected on Alex Ross's work before here.

My Recent Reads

Marvel Comics Presents #79
Originally released April 30, 1991
Story: "Weapon X: Chapter Seven"
Writer and Artist: Barry Windsor-Smith

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Marvel Comics Presents #80
May 14, 1991
"Weapon X: Chapter Eight"

Marvel Comics Presents #81
May 28, 1991
"Weapon X: Chapter Nine"

Marvel Comics Presents #82
June 11, 1991
"Weapon X: Chapter Ten"

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Marvel Comics Presents #83
June 25, 1991
"Weapon X: Chapter Eleven"

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Marvel Comics Presents #84
July 9, 1991
"Weapon X: Chapter Twelve"
"Weapon X: Interlude & Escape"

Marvels #0
June 14, 1994
Steve Darnall and Alex Ross/Ross


  1. Yeah, the Weapon X story is just there for the Wolverine fans. You have to have that context.

    1. Agreed. I'm feeling similarly about Marvels, actually, though the payoff is awesome.