Tuesday, November 30, 2021

On the Coffee Table: Sweet Tooth

Title: Sweet Tooth, Volume 1: Out of the Deep Woods
Writer and Artist: Jeff Lemire

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Now a TV show, Sweet Tooth began as a comic book series.  Out of the Deep Woods collects issues #1-5.

Gus is a young boy living with his father deep in the Nebraska woods.  They live isolated from the world outside.  Oh, and Gus has antlers and other deer-like features, though we don't know why yet.

One day, Gus's father dies and he is rescued from would be kidnappers by Jepperd, a drifter.  The two bond as Jepperd takes Gus along on his wanderings.  Unfortunately, this initial story ends in betrayal.

Sweet Tooth is weird and dark but good.  I am definitely up for more.


  1. Pointed ears and antlers usually have a some purpose with gifted creatures. I dare say Gus is no exception.

  2. I read the movie review and I just couldn't understand. Your book review is better.

  3. I don't know if I'd like it as I like thrillers.

    1. I think there might be some thrillerish elements still to come.