Friday, December 17, 2021

Star Trek: Power Play

Episode: "Power Play"
Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Season 5, Episode 15
Original Air Date: February 24, 1992

When the Enterprise responds to a distress signal (will they ever learn?), the minds of three members of the away team are taken over by mysterious alien entities.  So compromised, Troi, Data and O'Brien take the occupants of Ten Forward, including Miles's wife and child, hostage, demanding that the ship be moved to a polar orbit.

I'm not so sure about this one.  The idea is fine.  However, it follows too closely on the heels of last week's thematically similar "Conundrum" - smacks of formula.  I also find Data's bad guy snarl a bit over the top.  Brent Spiner wanted to project a character dissimilar to Lore which is fine but it was too much for me.  I prefer to see a villain who believes he's the hero of his own story rather than "Look at me, I'm mean!"  Troi's persona was better.  O'Brien worked the best of the three, especially in his obvious emotional conflict over Keiko.  Geopolitics matter.  Maybe it takes an Irish actor of that era to fully appreciate the subtleties of a situation like that.

Acting Notes

Ryan Reid played the role of Transporter Technician for "Power Play."  He also made a guest appearance on Quantum Leap and had a six-episode run as Jeff Dolan on As the World Turns.


  1. I actually really like this episode, not so much about Data but Troi and O’Brien. I thought this showcased how good Marina Sirtis was and made Troi a well rounded character. Brent Spiner is great as Data but I hate when he is Lore or his “Father” because he overacts. He needs to stick to a character who is controlled or comedy( he was on Night Court and he was funny).

    1. Sirtis definitely became more comfortable with the character over time and I would agree this is a good one for her (though, I'd still say "Conundrum" is better for her).

  2. The best parts really are the O’Briens in the episode. DS9 itself never quite figured out how to do it without picking sides…