Sunday, October 3, 2010

Family Adventures: Soccer Parents

It's been a busy week for Our Girl's soccer team. They won a game on Wednesday and drew today. Today's was actually a pretty exciting game. There were actual some discernible passes between players and some strong, aggressive defense. Great to see!

We are quickly learning that the most frustrating aspect of youth soccer is the parents. Most are very nice and are happy and amused to just sit and watch. Some, however, cannot help but complain. Homer (our coach) is very good at handling it, though. One of the mother's gave him a hard time about making the field big enough. I guess her daughter had complained about it after the last game. His response was awesome: "This is how you open the conversation with me? Not thanks for coaching my kid? Not congratulations on your first win this week? Let's start again and pretend that didn't just happen." It was wonderful. I was proud of him.

I complimented him on his handling and of the situation later and he assured me that he gets loads of practice handling parents with the varsity girls team at the high school.

I will get my first taste of coaching at practice on Wednesday. Homer has a high school game so his assistant recruited me to help her out. The main challenge at this age is the kid wrangling. We'll see how it goes.

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