Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Football Fantasy: Roppongi Moose Rampage

College League: Squid loses, 103.47-73.13 (2-2 overall record)
Vermont League: Squid loses, 77.64-72.04 (2-2)
My MVP: Jerod Mayo (Linebacker, Patriots) with 14 solo tackles, 2 assisted tackles and 1 pass defended

Photo from BostonHerald.com

My opponent in the college league this week was Roppongi Moose, my fellow diplobrat. He was 0-3 coming into the week and none-too-happy about his team. They came through for him, though, especially his IDPs. I'm happy for him to finally get a win - I guess...

I am delighted to feature an IDP myself this week. Mayo, unlike my previous MVPs, is not Florida-born. He's from Hampton, Virginia. He was a tackling machine against the Dolphins last night.

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  1. Yeah those defense stats were ridiculous. I may have had the best defensive day anyone in the league will ever have (2 defensive TDs?!). - R. Moose.