Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Star Trek: Wolf in the Fold

Episode: "Wolf in the Fold"
Series: Star Trek: The Original Series
Season 2, Episode 14
Original Air Date: December 22, 1967
via Memory Alpha
“Wolf in the Fold” is a classic murder mystery.  Over the course of the story, three women turn up dead with Chief Engineer Scotty as the prime suspect.  What’s more, Scotty can’t remember anything about what happened, despite most definitely being at the scene of the crime each time.  Kirk and Bones suspect a recent concussion has compromised Scotty’s memory.  It's one of those Trek episodes where I have to remind myself that just because I know Scotty's not guilty because he survives to be in future episodes, the characters in the story don't know that.  An interesting note for the franchise going forward: for the first time, we are told that Starfleet members are subject to the laws of the planets they visit.  No diplomatic immunity for our heroes, I guess.

via Memory Beta
John Winston appeared on eleven episodes of Star Trek's original series as Lieutenant Kyle.  Kyle usually works in the transporter room - as he does in this episode - but he takes a few turns on the bridge as helmsman, too.  "Wolf in the Fold" was Winston's ninth appearance.

Winston was born October 24, 1933 in Leeds, England.  Most of his work has been in television but there were films as well.  He made a cameo in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan as the since promoted Commander Kyle.


  1. You chose some really great clips to show for this post.

  2. I don't recall a Lieutenant Kyle. Obviously I've missed a few episodes!

  3. I remember this one. Episode made excellent use of Robert Bloch's sci-fi writing abilities!

  4. I never caught that cameo! Great job with such a cracking summary, and I hope you have a first-class rest of the day.

  5. I remember Lyle--such blue eyes and enthusiasm. Who was he in Wrath of Khan.

    1. He played the same character, just older and higher ranking.