Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Football Fantasy: Stafford, Part 4

College League: lost, 80.61-78.00 (relegated to 9th place game)
Vermont League: lost, 160.56-94.84 (relegated to 9th place game)
My Player of the Week: Matthew Stafford (Quarterback, Lions) with 391 yards passing and 4 touchdowns plus 5 yards rushing and a lost fumble

Photo via PeopleQuiz

A close game in one league and a blowout in the other but the ultimate result is the same. I will play for 9th place in both leagues. So, while I'm still assured of improving upon last year's 11th place CL finish, I now cannot improve on my 9th place VL result. My only strategic difference between the two leagues this year was unplanned: I had to auto-draft in the Vermont League. When that team was doing so well in the beginning of the season, I thought perhaps I'd unlocked some deep, dark fantasy football secret. In the end, it afforded me no advantage at all. It's just as well. I would have really been humbled to find that a computer picks better than I do.

It was another monster week for Stafford, most certainly one of the NFL's breakout stars this year. The Lions are in a strong position to make the playoffs, too. At least all of my Michiganer friends are happy.

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