Thursday, April 28, 2011

A to Z, The Orioles' Legacy: Mike DevereauX

Player: Mike Devereaux
Years of Service: 7 (1989-94, 1996)
Position: Outfielder

Image via Democratic Underground

Yes, I had to dig for an X but there's no reason the letter can't be at the end of the name, rather than the beginning. Devereaux, a Wyoming native, played center field for the Birds. His best year as an Oriole was 1992: .276 batting average, 24 home runs and 107 RBI.


For each letter of the A to Z Challenge, I will feature one player from Baltimore Orioles/St. Louis Browns history. I hope you will join me. I hope you'll also check out the other 1200+ blogs participating. See the full list at Tossing It Out.

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  1. A silent X at the end is least I think so.