Tuesday, July 26, 2011

12 Books in 12 Months: Announcing a New Challenge

Photo via Lindsey Pollak

With the help of my friends Mock, Marc, Hello Kitty Fan, Mrs. Mock and My Wife, I have designed a new blogging challenge/online book club: 12 Books in 12 Months. The challenge is a reader's scavenger hunt, a quest to read a book from each of a dozen predetermined categories in a year's time.

The categories:
  • A classic work of children's literature
  • A book you have re-read more than once...and just read again
  • A book for which you have already seen the movie
  • A book for which you have not already seen the movie
  • A book you read because you wanted to laugh
  • A tear-jerker
  • A book you really don’t want to read but everyone keeps raving about it
  • A book from a genre you don’t normally read
  • A book about or set in your favorite place
  • A book by someone with your same initials
  • Your mom/dad/sister/brother’s favorite book
  • A book that has been banned
The books can be completed in any order as long as all 12 categories are eventually fulfilled. The year begins once the first book is finished. One can participate via blog, facebook, goodreads, private notebook, whatever.

If you'd care to join the challenge, please let me know by commenting below or e-mailing me at armchairsquid@gmail.com. Also, please tell me how and where I can follow your posts. Don't be shy about suggesting other categories, either. It is my intention to compile a new list of 12 once this one is completed. My only parameter is that no one should have to buy anything in order to complete the challenge - nothing beyond a library card required.


  1. Nice challenge. How's the reading going?

  2. Very well! I should have my first ready soon - I'm doing the shorter ones first so I have more time for the longer ones at the end. Care to join in the fun?

  3. This challenge looks so fun! What a great way to broaden my "reading rainbow." I'll aim to complete my first book by April 2nd and make that my "B" post on the A to Z challenge. Thank you for the challenge and the excuse to read! I look forward to your A to Z posts!

    1. Great! I will add your books to the Other People's Book list as you finish them. Thanks for following!

  4. Gosh, B, I'm sorry I missed this. What a lovely idea.

    1. Better in theory than in practice. I was the only one who finished! If you want to give it a shot, let me know and I'll post your books.

    2. Where would you post my books? I read this post twice and I'm trying to figure out how I would participate. Do I just read the book and let you know I read it (for each category?)

    3. My original design was for people to let me know when they finished each book - through blog, facebook, e-mail, goodreads, whatever - and then I would post them on the Other People's Books list on my Pages sidebar. If you post about the books as you finish them, I could include a link as well.