Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Family Adventures: Frost Trail

The photo above is from My Wife's write-up of our latest hike:

The Hike That Wasn't - Frost Trail

I concur with most of her lessons learned and I would argue that it still counted as a hike even though we didn't complete the trail as originally planned. We were still on the trail for and hour and a half, getting in a decent workout. We have taken a very goal-oriented approach to our hiking and I think maybe we could look at some of our hikes differently. I'm completely with the idea of giving a new hike a full day but if we have the time and want to get out, we could plan a more leisurely stroll, allowing Our Girl plenty of time to fit in nature sketches and the like. Perhaps we could set a time goal rather than a distance goal: hike for 45 minutes, then turn back, for instance. There may be crystal clear weekends when we won't be able to fit in a full hike but can still make use of the time we have to stay in hiking shape.

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  1. I did not know sketching was involved! It might be time for her to fire up a blog...