Monday, July 11, 2011

My Baseball Fantasy: Zobi Wan Kenobi

Private League: tied 5-5 (85-48-7 overall, 1st place out of 10, 2.5 games ahead)
Public League: 2nd place out of 12, 5.5 points back
My Player of the Week: Ben Zobrist (Second Baseman/Right Fielder, Rays) with 1 home run, 3 RBI, 6 runs, 3 stolen bases and a .474 batting average

Photo via Fantasy Phenoms

My opponent this past week is my main rival at the top of the standings. Both of our matchups have been very close. I eeked out a 5-4-1 victory the first time. We won't see each other again before the playoffs but I'll have an eye on his team the rest of the way. Meanwhile, I made up some serious ground in the public league. I'm certainly hoping the progress can continue after the All-Star break.

I face Mock this coming week. Perhaps I can gain a measure of revenge after his Major League team (Red Sox) clobbered mine (Orioles) this past weekend. Four game sweep - ouch!

I grabbed Zobrist in the 10th round of the public league draft and he's been a wonderful asset. I love having players who can play in multiple positions, contributing to my roster's flexibility and depth. Zobrist is eligible at first, second and outfield.