Thursday, September 15, 2011

Family Adventures: Ballet I

I believe it's important to include other caring adults besides the parents in a child's life. We have been particularly lucky with Our Girl's teachers - and not just the ones at school, though they've been wonderful, too. We have managed to find gifted and thoughtful instructors in art, soccer and swimming almost entirely through luck and proximity. One of the most important adults in her life beyond our family has been her dance instructor.

Photo via Fusion 802 Dance

I have written some about Our Girl's passion for dance before. We found her wonderfully talented and thoughtful teacher entirely by chance. My Wife had heard good things about a particular dance school so we signed her up for a one week summer camp. Miss N was one of many teachers at the school and just happened to be the instructor that week. She has been a big part of our family life ever since. Miss N has since opened her own dance studio and we eagerly followed her to her new digs. If you live near Colchester, Vermont and you're looking for a dance class, I cannot recommend Fusion 802 highly enough.

Our Girl is doing Ballet I this year and it is such a joy to watch her dance. She clearly loves it so much and really takes it seriously. As I've written before, I worry about what happens once puberty hits and body issues come to the fore. But I'm confident that as long as we stick with Miss N, dance will continue to be a very positive part of her life.

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