Sunday, September 4, 2011

Let's Talk Baseball: Bold Proposal Early September Standings

We are heading into the home stretch for Season 2. For those new to the program, here is my original post for the idea and here is how things shook out at the end of last season, setting up the two divisions I'll be using for the 2011 season.

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The current standings are as follows:

First Division

1. Phillies (unchanged from mid-August)
Yankees (+1)
3. Red Sox (-1)
4. Braves (unchanged)
Rangers (unchanged)
Tigers (+3)
7. Rays (+2)
8. Angels (-2)
9. Cardinals (-1)
10. Giants (-3)

11. White Sox (unchanged)
12. Reds (unchanged)
13. Rockies (+1)
14. Marlins (-2)
15. Padres (+1)
16. Twins (-1)

Second Division

1. Brewers (unchanged)
2. Diamondbacks (unchanged)
3. Indians (unchanged)
4. Blue Jays (-1)

5. Dodgers (+3)
6. Mets (-3)

7. Nationals (-1)
8. Pirates (-1)
9. A's (-1)
10. Cubs (+1)
11. Mariners (-1)
12. Royals (-1)
13. Orioles (unchanged)
14. Astros (unchanged)

Biggest rises: Tigers, Dodgers
Biggest falls: Giants, Mets

The teams in italics are the six different teams to win the past six World Series titles. I am hoping that trend will continue and yet a different team will win this year.

To me, the most interesting thing in looking at these current standings is the fact that six of the top eight teams in the first division are in the American League. That is partially explained by the fact that there are two real-world division leaders in the second division: the Brewers and the Diamondbacks. Last year, I had two second division teams who led their real-world divisions for much of the season: the Reds and the Padres. I don't want to read too much into this but I do think it speaks to the greater consistency of the top teams in the junior circuit.

As I have stated before, I want my hypothesis to be proven wrong. I want to be convinced that more than a handful of teams have a chance to win the World Series in a given year. As such, it looks like both Milwaukee and Arizona will provide me with strong rooting interests come playoff time. Both teams head into the stretch with solid leads.

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