Monday, September 26, 2011

Family Adventures: Broomball and Harvest Market

After dinner at The Village Cup on Friday, I headed into Burlington for my first ever broomball game. A teacher team was formed last year and Mock finally talked me into giving it a try. It was fun, if humbling. Moving around the ice is quite a challenge in itself. I wiped out at least twice. Trying to change directions was my constant undoing. I assume I'll get the hang of basic movement with practice but it almost felt like an anxiety dream at times. I could see where I needed to go and what I should do once I got there but just...couldn't...get there...quickly...enough...

I have to admit that I'm a little disappointed we don't use actual brooms - more like aluminum and plastic broom frames with no bristles. They are, no doubt, more practical than real brooms would be but it would be fun to try it with the real thing sometime. Alas, we lost: 4-0, I think. But a fine time was had by all, self included.

The big event in our community this past weekend was the Harvest Market, a combination garage sale, concert, playground and carny food emporium. We fulfilled our municipal obligation by spending most of Saturday there. I usually take the opportunity to pick up cheap used videos but didn't find anything I couldn't live without. Wife and daughter both found some fine treasures. Our Girl paid all of $2 for this perfectly nice dollhouse:

More from the Harvest Market:

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