Saturday, September 24, 2011

The New 52: Green Lantern Corps

Title: Green Lantern Corps
Issue: #1
Release: September 2011
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Artists: Ferdinand Parsarin and Scott Hanna

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The Green Lantern Corps actually predates the Justice League. The GLC first appeared in 1959, the JL in 1960. Both were preceded by the Justice Society of America, alive and well since 1940. Interestingly, the JSA did not get a New 52 relaunch. It's amazing the things one can learn from Wikipedia!

I seem to have found my DC storyline of choice. This book has only increased my curiosity about the Green Lantern world which began last week with GL#1. What I initially found troubling about the GLC, the fact that they all wear the same threads and have the same powers, has actually demonstrated itself to be a narrative advantage. With so many similarities, the pressure is on the writer to develop other differentiations between the characters. Guy Gardner and John Stewart are genuinely different from each other, and not just because one is the white guy and the other the black guy. There are, according to Gardner, 7200 GLs throughout the universe. While there are risks in having too many characters at one's disposal, that number does allow for boundless variety.

I love the idea of the rings seeking out their own bearers, allowing for the possibility of the chosen one not wanting it. The set up reminds me a lot of The Greatest American Hero, a show I loved back in the day, not least for the fact that I had a similar hairstyle at the time. The best part of that show, of course, was the theme song. Here's the show intro:

The full song, performed by Joey Scrasbury, accompanied by none other than the Solid Gold Dancers:

So, Green Lantern Corps #1 did pass my curiosity test, the third New 52 title to do so. One more week to go, and I'll definitely give a few of the 9/28 releases a try, Green Lantern: New Guardians among them, naturally. Barring a late surprise - always a welcome possibility - I think I've found my winner.


Just a couple things here. My favorite single line from the New 52 so far is John Stewart's "Thanks for helping me learn a valuable lesson today. Even a GL can't fight City Hall."

I am, of course, very pleased to learn that Guy Gardner is an Orioles fan. Apparently he is, like me, a Marylander. No wonder he's so cranky!

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