Monday, September 12, 2011

The New 52: Justice League International

Title: Justice League International
Issue: #1
Release: September 2011
Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artists: Aaron Lopresti and Matt Ryan

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Justice League International (JLI) was first launched in 1987. According to Wikipedia, part of the idea has always been a lighter, more comical interpretation of the superhero team concept. One notable difference between this book and the other New 52 titles I've tried so far is that this one is generally set against a light-colored background. Most are set against dark colors. There is definitely a jauntier feel to it all. Booster Gold, leader of the team, is a buffoon.

I have no problem with the idea of satire, of course. But I figure, if you're gonna go in that direction, go all the way. One of the many books Mock has sent my way was Alpha Flight v.3 #1 from May 2004, a comical interpretation of a Marvel group dating back to 1979. It is genuinely funny from beginning to end. Apparently, the idea wasn't too popular with most readers, though. That particularly series only survived through 12 issues.

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Four of the eight original team members in this relaunch are female. That's a definite plus, though I hope at least one of them will offer something more in the personality department than the "sex kitten" role currently assigned to Godiva.

JLI #1 did not pass my curiosity test, making it 0-for-3 for New 52 Week #2. Just as with Stormwatch, I don't see that this team offers anything better than what one would get from the original Justice League. That said, I do think this series has some potential. I'll address specifics in the spoilers section.

It's been fun to follow this series with Mock, of course. He commented with a very interesting link regarding Action Comics #1. He also clued me into the purple-hooded lady who makes Hitchcock-like cameos in each of the New 52 #1s. It took me a while to find her in JLI, but she's there.


I see a lot of potential in the contentious relationship between Booster Gold and Guy Gardner. It could also be interesting to follow Batman's role in the story. The bombing of the Hall of Justice is certainly a shocking development and flies in the face of the series's light-hearted nature. That's not necessarily a bad thing, either.

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