Thursday, September 29, 2011

The New 52: Justice League Dark

Title: Justice League Dark
Issue: #1
Release: September 2011
Writer: Peter Milligan
Artists: Mikel Janin

Image via Se acera el invierno

Justice League Dark is new to the DC universe. All of the members of this team have previous appearances but the group is new, evidently existing to handle the supernatural jobs which the regular ol' Justice League cannot. While there are things I enjoyed about this book, just as with Justice League International and Stormwatch, I don't see any reason to invest in this particular band of heroes when the standard JL suits me just fine. If I were more into occult-type stories in general I might feel differently. So, this one did not pass my curiosity test.


The most interesting part of the book is the defeat of the Justice League by Enchantress. Unfortunately, I feel this does more to undermine the JL than it does to bolster the need for the JLD. I did enjoy a lot of the artwork in this one, particularly the layout for pages 14 and 15 (I do wish comics had real page numbers).

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