Sunday, October 16, 2011

Family Adventures: The Dismembered Green Panda

We are in search of a new standby toy store. Our default store to this point has recently moved to a new, smaller space and I was highly disappointed in our quest for a birthday present for one of Our Girl's friends. I won't name the store, partly because I still hope they'll turn things around and partly because I can't afford the bad karma. Our Girl has always been a huge fan of stuffed animals and this store had the most dependable variety. Want a grey cat? They'd have five to choose from and be sure to have just the right one. No longer.

So, when she came to me on Saturday morning distraught over a wounded Iwako eraser toy and eager for a replacement, it seemed an appropriate time to take a closer look at another of our local shops.

We already knew Sewing Corner & Gifts (66 Vt. Rte. 15, Jericho, VT) was the best place for Iwako erasers. They specialize in Melissa & Doug toys, a very dependable brand. They're good for little trinkets, too. For a small shop, their stuffed animal assortment is impressive. And yes, they can handle your tailoring needs as well.

The wounded warrior:

The replacement (though we've encouraged her to keep the old one - a disability doesn't mean your life is over):

All of her new treasures, including, of course, the grey kitty she's been seeking:

After getting our weekly pick up from the CSA, we stopped by the Underhill Country Store (1 Pleasant Valley Rd., Underhill Center, VT) for deli sandwiches. I typically get their Moab sandwich (turkey, bacon, avocado, etc.) but this time I got the Captain Phillips hero (roast beef, swiss, loads of red onions, etc.).

All in all, a very productive outing.

We had a broomball game on Friday, another loss: 2-0. Even though we are in great need of refinement, I felt we all played pretty hard this time. I was happier with my own play but I could do better if I know more about where I'm supposed to be when. There's talk of getting out the floor hockey sticks in our school gym sometime soon. Practice would be good, or at least a good chalk talk.

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  1. Dube and I had a GREAT conversation on the way out of the rink. He is on board with our way of's going to happen...