Saturday, October 29, 2011

Let's Talk Baseball: It's All Over but the Crying

Photo via Sound Check Music Blog

On NPR yesterday morning, they referred to the Cardinals as a baseball Rasputin, the team that just wouldn't die. For all of the heartache that has been felt by fans in Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York, Milwaukee and so on, it's gotta be pretty rough to be a Rangers loyalist right now.

With the Cardinals' victory, the run of six different teams winning the past six World Series is over. The number is now reduced to five: Red Sox, Phillies, Yankees, Giants and Cardinals. As you may recall from last year, in my ideal universe, St. Louis would now be preparing for a baseball Champions League with the best from Japan, Cuba, South Korea, Taiwan and whomever else could claim to have a viable national baseball league.

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  1. Love the Rasputin analogy. I was REALLY pulling for Texas. I heard someone on the radio proposing a similar structure to yours.