Saturday, October 8, 2011

Let's Talk Baseball: The Demise of the Payroll Teams

This is nothing short of huge. There are three big money teams in baseball and all three are already done for the year. The Red Sox didn't even make the playoffs. The Yankees and Phillies both lost in the first round. It is always reassuring to know that money isn't everything.

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Meanwhile, I was 3-for-4 with my rooting interests for the division series. Believe me, that hardly ever happens! Only the Cardinals spoiled perfection. The NLCS holds greater interest for me going forward. It's pretty simple, really. If the Brew Crew win, I'll root for them in the World Series. If the Cards win, I'll root against them.

Mock commented on my last playoff post that he only had a team to root against and we all know he means the Yankees. In truth, I feel the same. If I had to choose whether I love the Orioles or hate the Yankees more, it would be a tough call. It's hard following a sport only to root against someone, though. I went into the 2003 US Open with an anyone-but-Roddick mentality. I just couldn't bring myself to like the guy - still can't. Every round he won was like a jab in the stomach. But the Yankees lost. Well done, Tigers!

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  1. Since baseball IS my sport, I can safely say I love the Sox more than I hate the Yankees.

    I heard the bully analogy used for the Yankees again yesterday and it seems so much more appropriate than for any of the other big payroll teams.

    And wasn't last night's game incredible? I am not a fan of pitcher's duels when my team is involved but that one was awesome to watch.