Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Football Fantasy: Stafford Again

College League: lost, 82.31-52.83 (2-4 overall, 11th place out of 12 teams)
Vermont League: won, 95.42-91.36 (4-2 overall, 4th out of 12)
My Player of the Week: Matthew Stafford (Quarterback, Lions) with 293 yards passing and 2 touchdowns plus 9 yards rushing

Photo via Daily Joust

I came back to win on Monday night in the Vermont league, and yet I slipped one place in the standings. I got hammered in the college league, yet my overall standing remains the same. Parity reigns in the college league. I'm only one game out of the playoffs and only two out of first place. We have five teams at 3-3 and four of them will play each other this week.

Detroit lost for the first time this season but Stafford still did me proud. Conventional wisdom says that quarterbacks tend to come into their own in their third or fourth pro season. That certainly seems to be the case for the Lions' man under center.

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