Sunday, October 2, 2011

I'm with the Band: Texas

Band: The University of Texas Longhorn Band
University: The University of Texas at Austin
Founded: 1900
Current Director: Dr. Robert Cornochan

The Longhorn Band has played in seven different presidential inaugural parades. UT is the home of Big Bertha, reputedly the world's largest bass drum: 8 feet in diameter.

Photo via Bleacher Report

All This and Football, Too

My Picks for the Week: 10/20 (2nd place out of 3 players)
My Picks for the Season: 62/100 (3rd out of 3)

This was the first week in which I did better with my picks than I would have just going with all favorites. I picked three underdogs: Rutgers, Washington State and Florida. Only Florida lost. I guess it shouldn't be surprising that the house usually manages to stack the deck in its own favor. Otherwise, the house would never make any money. After all, the Vegas odds makers do this for a living. They wouldn't keep their jobs if they weren't right far more often than not.

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